About Me

As a freelance writer and editor, I supply a wide range of services, and act as a consultant for a number of prestigious publishers and organizations.
I have twenty-five years of experience in
this field and have been an independent contractor
since 1994.

My editorial work involves both commercial and
academic material, and I have been the production editor for numerous international publications.
I produce several journals on an independent basis for the learned associations that publish them, providing all editorial services. I also work closely
with British novelists to prepare their work for publication in the USA.

I co-edited the successful and award-nominated anthology Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction. Many stories from this book were reprinted in best-of-the-year compilations or given honourable mentions in annual round-ups.

My essays, journalism and fiction appear in a variety of markets in the UK and the USA. I am a regular book reviewer, interviewer and obituarist, and I have appeared on radio and television as a commentator. My short stories are published all over the world.

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