This is the place where I link to some of my collaborators, who are all stellar talents and fine, upstanding people:
  • I highly recommend In Front of Your Nose, the online public relations blog of my very old friend Andrew Bruce Smith of escherman (and yes, I typed that correctly all in lower case). I commissioned him to write excellent articles on and George Orwell, and his muscular and insightful writing is also showcased on this blog - for free. If you want the low-down on IT PR, analytics and search engine optimization, this is where to go. Andrew does it all, but as he says, he does it differently.
  • I can service all your word-related needs, but if it's big numbers you're worried about, contact ThinkTank. This company provides innovative mathematics and artificial-intelligence-based solutions to a variety of sectors. Through a deep mathematical approach, ThinkTank resolves complex issues in the areas of cost reduction and product/process innovation. Hannu Rajaniemi, one of the founders and a member of the Executive Board, is also an award-winning writer. I published him in Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction, and was delighted when his story "Deus ex Homine" was reprinted in both the American year's best anthologies. Hannu's first novel, The Quantum Thief, is receiving glowing reviews.
  • Author Charles Stross is another friend of mine (there's no point pretending otherwise since I was best man at his wedding). His blog, Charlie's Diary, is very widely read, but that won't stop me recommending it. He discusses his writing and the process of creating it in a very compelling way, but he also ranges far more broadly to discuss travel and politics. I was lucky enough to be able to edit his memoir of a trip to the Far East into an article for publication called "Under the Rising Sun: Some Impressions of Japan".