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Critical Insights: Harlan Ellison

Critical Insights: Harlan Ellison includes my essay "All Roads
Lead to Hell: Harlan Ellison,
Cormac McCarthy, and the Bitter
End of the American Dream
Edited by
Joseph Francavilla, the latest book from US publisher
Salem Press
explores the work of one of the pre-eminent American writers of the past fifty years.

My chapter compares and
contrasts Ellison's post-apocalyptic stories "A Boy and His Dog" and
"I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" with McCarthy's Pulitzer-
Prize-Winning novel The Road,
and discusses the tradition of the Last Man in literature

From the Salem Press website:

"Essays discuss Ellison's
relationship with the science
fiction and fantasy community,
his sense that mainstream critics
slighted his work because it was
identified with genre fiction or
popular fiction, his easy post-
modern accommodation of popular
culture references and images,
and his ambiguous standing in the
literary establishment."

Critical Insights: Harlan Ellison is
available from Amazon.