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Split Screen: Poetry Inspired by Film & Television

Split Screen: Poetry Inspired by Film &
showcases work inspired by
the moving image. Facing pages each
feature a poem that interprets themes suggested by the media, and the authors' approaches can be compared and contrasted.
I tackled Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry, and
this poem is set against Mike Dillon's take
on blaxploitation icon John Shaft.

My haiku sequence "Hakai-no-Renga for Inspector Harry Callahan" addresses what
Carl B. Klockars, a professor of Criminal
Justice and Sociology
, calls the Dirty Harry problem: "The troublesome issue ... is not whether a right choice can be made, but
that the choice must always be between
two wrongs. And in choosing to do either
wrong, the police officer inevitably taints
or tarnishes himself.

I don't attempt to solve that conundrum,
but use the oblique approach of Japanese
formalism to let readers make up their
own minds. A working title for my
contribution was "The Trouble with Harry"...

Andy Jackson's anthology will be published
by Red Squirrel Press.
Update: Split Screen editor Andy Jackson
has accepted another of my poems for his
forthcoming anthology
. This time I have
plugged a gap in the contents with lines
about none other than Emperor Ming from
the Flash Gordon
series. "Merciless" will be
published beside
Helen Ivory's poem on the
Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.