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What does copy-editing mean? It all depends on the copy that has to be edited:
  • A light edit may mean nothing more than checking a professional piece of work to ensure that there are no errors and, perhaps, making a few changes so that the piece conforms to house style. When I write, I pride myself on providing clean copy that fits the space allotted exactly, and I'm happy to say that my work regularly sees print untouched.
  • Things are rarely this easy, of course. In many cases, publications need to print important contributions by experts who are not professional writers. This material requires heavyweight editing, or in other words, the text has to be polished for style without altering its sense, meanings must be clarified and details need to be checked. This kind of copy-editing requires dedication and patience, of course, but it also demands tact and communication with the author.
What kind of copy-editing do you require? I can do whatever you want.

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